NT19: International Conference on the Science and Application of Nanotubes and Low-Dimensional Materials
21-26 July 2019, W├╝rzburg, Germany

Seung Jae Yang:
Mesostructured porous carbons from metal-organic coordination and their energy applications
Energy Symposium
Poster session 4
Tuesday 19:00 - 21:00
Poster P100
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Chong LUO:
Realizing Ultralow Concentration Gelation of Graphene Oxide
2D Materials
Poster session 4
Tuesday 19:00 - 21:00
Poster P098
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Lorenzo Beccacece:
MWCNTs bundles-based RF-device and its equivalent electrical circuit through measurements fit.
Electronics Symposium
Poster session 3
Tuesday 17:00-18:30
Poster P097
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Ovidiu Tiprigan:
The New Type of Bamboo Structure by MWCNT
Poster session 1
Monday 17:00-18:30
Poster P107