About NT19

One of the most influential scientific meetings in the field of nanoscience and technology. The 20 year anniversary of this conference series (previous NT conferences).


The meeting will cover a range of topics of broad interest to the carbon nanotube and low-dimensional materials communities. Morning sessions will be organized according to generic themes

Dedicated focus sessions will cover themes ranging from Computational Challenges, over Metrology, Standardization, 2D Materials, Graphene, Device Technologies, Life Science Applications to Energy, Optical Applications and more.


For the first time, the NT conference series will integrate previous satellite workshops as key element of its afternoon program (parallel focussed sessions). The remainder of the meeting is structured around morning keynote lectures, invited and contributed presentations. Emphasis on informal discussions during extended poster sessions remains at the heart of the meeting. An industrial exhibit and dedicated panel discussion will allow participants with different backgrounds to connect and to identify research challenges toward integration of nanomaterials into future technologies.


As research fields and needs evolve we constantly face challenges to identify new opportunities for the development of academically stimulating as well as technologically relevant research directions.

Our aim is thus to provide a versatile platform for the informal exchange of research-outcomes, ideas and visions in a stimulating environment. Leading representatives from academia and industry will be able to share their insights and connect with future leaders of the field.

The interaction with young research talent has therefore been essential to all of the NT meetings and will remain a major focus.


e-mail: info.nt19@uni-wuerzburg.de