International Doctorate Program
Topological Insulators

How to Apply for the ENB IDK ToIs Program

Requirements for the applicants encompass a Master’s degree in physics or a comparable subject which preferentially has its focus on solid state, semiconductor physics, nanotechnology or material science. Furthermore the degrees have to be documented in English or German. The admission of foreign degrees depends on the judgement of the university in charge of the PhD procedure.

Besides the degree documents, the corresponding transcripts, a complete CV and other potentially significant documents, a cover letter detailing the motivation and the relevant experience has to be included. All documents are best sent electronically to the PI with whom you plan to undertake your research, or generally to the organizational coordinator: Applications are always welcome, however, recruiting possibilities depend on suitable vacancies in the research groups.

If the universities assess the candidate to be qualified, the second step in the application process involves a remote interview, or personal interview in Würzburg or Regensburg. In the course of the visit at one of these two universities, physical paper copies of all documents mentioned above have to be provided.

Successful candidates will be offered a salaried approximately three-year research position which in most cases involve teaching obligations.