The International Doctorate Program is focussing on investigating the fundamental properties and potential applications of topological insulators. The program is funded by the Elitenetzwerk Bayern


On October 19/20, 2017 Prof. Douglas Hofstadter (Bloomington, USA) is (re-)visiting the Physics Department in Regensburg. He is well-known as the author of the famous book "Goedel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid". D. Hofstadter will give a public talk Thursday, Oct. 19, in the evening. He furthermore computed the famous spectrum of Bloch electrons in a magnetic field, the "Hofstadter butterfly", during a research stay as a PhD student in Regensburg back in the 70s. On the occasion of his visit, on Friday, Oct 20, Dieter Weiss and Klaus Richter are organizing a Symposium featuring research on the Hofstadter butterly, from its discovery to recent research in graphene. The Symposium is open to everybody; you do not need to register. Here you can find the full programm. More
The third annual PhD student meeting of the ENB PhD program “Topological Insulators” took place in Pilsen, Czech Republic, from 25.9.-29.9.2017. Our group was composed of 16 PhD students from the University of Würzburg, 5 PhD students of the University Regensburg and 3 PhD students from the research center Jülich. More
Um die Arbeit rund um (Bi,Sb)Te basierten drei dimensionalen Topologischen Isolatoren vorzustellen, wurde Helene Plank zum „Russia-Japan-USA-Europe Symposium on Fundamental& Applied Problems of Terahertz Devices & Technologies (RJUSE TeraTech 2017)“ eingeladen. More